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Still I'm numb and drunk of your kiss
Still I'm down and hurt to the core
Still there're things in you I will miss
But they're not worth suffering for
No... they're not worth suffering for

As I speak these words, you slide away, far away
I won't lose all my hope just for you... just for you

unsettled soul(s)

She looked down from the mountaintop
Wanting desperately to leap off..
Wanting to fly..
To spread her arms and just fall.

Not a care in the world.
Not a soul to care for..
No one to care for her..
No one left to understand her..
No one to listen to her pleas..

Pleas of sorrow, Pleas of pain..
Head hurting so bad..
Eyes swollen shut..
Not a tear left in her to shed.

Free....She will be free
Fly away little girl..

And be free.

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