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Still I'm numb and drunk of your kiss
Still I'm down and hurt to the core
Still there're things in you I will miss
But they're not worth suffering for
No... they're not worth suffering for

As I speak these words, you slide away, far away
I won't lose all my hope just for you... just for you

unsettled soul(s)
Our dreams, ambitions and passion
Our plans for the future, our combined goals
A life with status, respect and adoration
our wishes and hope destroyed at once
Without those things to connect us,
a life together is even worse than alone
we all need two sides of the story

Two sides, one can become a reflection
of the truth, a lie
You'll be judging soon
Two sides, they both have their emotions, opinions and thoughts
on who's to blame on reality, can you tell

can you tell ?
20.7.07 00:34

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